Twin Peaks and Mister Rogers' Neighborhood converge in this strange new world of lessons, sharing, and parallel realities. 

Jeff Galfer, Jacob Givens, Sky Soleil, Dileep Rao, Liz Jenkins, Jeff's Place, Jeff's Place Show,, Mr. Rogers, Tim Heidecker, Mr. Roger's Neighborhood, teleportation, mirror face, manners, meditation, gratitude, comfort, twin peaks, Jeff Tomcho, Kent Lamm, Angry King Productions

Presented by Angry King Productions

Created/Produced by Andrew Fleischer, Jeff Galfer, Sky Soleil
Written by Jeff Galfer
Directed/Edited by Kent Lamm
Executive Produced by Gavin Brannan
Co Produced by Liz Crooks
Cinematography by Jeff Tomcho
Music by Peter Larney


Jeff Galfer
Sky Soleil
Jacob Givens
Andrew Fleischer


Dileep Rao
Liz Jenkins
Jodie Baker
Miranda LeRae
George Q. Nguyen
Helen Hamber Rhys